Bolivia will offer you an incredible diversity of landscapes, from 6000 meters high mountains to the amazonian jungle. The altiplano’s skies are perfect for night photography. Don’t forget your tripod !


Sunset in Potosi, shot from La Merced’s roof.


Night sky over laguna colorada campsite, where dozens of tourists sleep every night.


Dead cactus under the milky way. A 25 seconds shot, 24mm.


Minimalist shot of the Uyuni salt flats
Minimalist shot of the Uyuni salt flats


Sunrise over boiling mud.


A lamas’ caravan on a precolombian path. At more than 4800 meters high, this centuries old transport system is still in use today.


Ruins of an old inca tavern on El Choro path, a must do for trekkers in Bolivia.




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