I’m sure you all saw beautiful pictures of Angkor temples, sandy beaches and vast jungles, so I tried to show something else, which reflects why I love Cambodia so much. I can’t explain that attraction rationally, but it’a a very aesthetic country, brilliant for photography. Landscapes always have something to tell to who know how to look, and the Cambodians are so nice and friendly that you’ll easily build the necessary bond to shoot great pictures.

Koh kong’s north region is covered in a mangrove forest endangered by the irresponsible national forests management. Jake, a farmer’s son, built this floating house, anchored in the mud.


The house was built as a gateway, where you can do nothing else but relax. At night, there is so much phosphorescent plankton that you can see the fishes swimming.


Cambodian people are usually very warm and nice. This man started cutting coconuts as soon as he saw us getting out of the jungle, just assuming we were thirsty. He as a bit camera shy at the beginning, but a few jokes made his huge smile come back.


Arriving to Jake’s father farm, you can sea the mangrove forest slowly eating back what’s abandoned by men.


The Bokor hill station was used by the french colons to take some fresh air during the incredibly hot Cambodian summer. It had been the scene of bloody fights when the Khmer rouge took control of the country, and when the Vietnamese later invaded Cambodia. Now, some Chinese entrepreneurs are building huge, horrible concrete casinos. In this sad place, abandoned houses and a churches bare the scars of a violent past, and are waiting to be destroyed by a development that won’t bring anything good to Cambodia.


Kep was the favorite beach resort of the rich french colons. It was emptied during the Khmer rouge violent regime. Nowadays, abandoned luxurious villas stand next to huge hotels and new roads that don’t seem to disturb the very relaxed way of life. The French are actually back now, lots of them created many – often very unprofessional – NGOs in this region that isn’t one of the country’s poorest, but one of the most pleasant to live.


Tuk-tuk fury in Battambang’s night.




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